How does Sypom realize high safety on Jump Starter?

For any electronic product, battery is the key power for its operation. The power for jump starter is Lithium Polymer Battery. The battery safety mostly decide the safety of the whole device. Here is how sypom make its battery to realize high quality and reliability.

First, use pure lithium cobalt(LiCoO2) as battery anode material. Their continuous discharging ratio is more than 40C, which is much higher than the other brands in the market.

Second, balance Charging: the balance charge act as a bridge when the first cell charging voltage reaches 4.25v, which can transfer the rest of voltage into next cell, until all cells reach same voltage. This function can protect the battery from over charge and over discharge. This can greatly prolong the battery lifespan. Generally, the lifetime of our products are 3 times longer than the other brands.

Third, use original smart chip: it can adjust the level of current after a smart analysis to protect the digital equipment and battery itself.

Last key process, ultrasonic soldering is adopted in our battery cells which can lower battery pack internal resistance (IR) and performance, in which way lower the temperature after discharging and lower the risk of catching on fire.