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Tips On Store A Lipo Battery Present in radio-controlled cars, planes along with other products, Li-Po batteries are rechargeable battery power which are lengthy lasting and available in many current dimensions. You may also keep batteries for time in case you don't wish to make use of the device or there's an issue with the unit. When storing Li-Po batteries, you should prepare the batteries correctly in addition to pack these questions container that will not respond to the batteries' acidity and internal components. 1.Take away the LiPo battery in the device it's in and wipe it having a soft cloth or towel to get rid of any dust or grime in the battery's surface. 2.Connect the battery's wire harness towards the appropriate connector, 2cell or any other cell rating that suits your battery type, around the back or side of the Li-Po wall charger. The wire harness are only able to squeeze into the charger's connector one of the ways. 3.Plug the charger's energy cable into a wall outlet and switch around the device to begin the charging process. Allow the LiPo battery fully charge then switch off the charger and disconnect battery harness in the device. 4.Put the fully billed Li-Po battery inside a plastic storage bag having a securing seal or perhaps a...

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DRONE, lipo battery, RC DRIVERS, RC HELICOPTER, rc Pilots, sypom, sypom batteries -

Guidelines for Charging/Using Sypom LiPo Batteries. Though Sypom Lipo batteries have the advantages of high discharge rate, small inner resistance, high capacity, light weight and low cost. The batteries need to be charged correctly, or accidents may happen. Here are some guidelines from users, telling our customers how to correctly charge our Lipo batteries. Use only a charger approved for lithium batteries. The charger may be designed for Li-Ion or Li-Poly. Both batteries are charged in exactly the same. Some older cell phone chargers may charge the batteries . 1 volt to low (4.1 vs 4.2), but that will not...

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DRONE, lipo battery, RC DRIVERS, RC HELICOPTER, rc Pilots, sypom -

Sypom Batteries is looking for good Drone/RC Helicopter pilotS and Drivers in United States! Tell us your RC experience, you might be the one we want to sponsor with RC lipo battery! Inquiry send to service@sypom.com , and like our facebook page to get update information!

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