Guidelines for Charging/Using Sypom LiPo Batteries

Guidelines for Charging/Using Sypom LiPo Batteries

Guidelines for Charging/Using Sypom LiPo Batteries.

Though Sypom Lipo batteries have the advantages of high discharge rate, small inner resistance, high capacity, light weight and low cost. The batteries need to be charged correctly, or accidents may happen.

Here are some guidelines from users, telling our customers how to correctly charge our Lipo batteries.

  1. Use only a charger approved for lithium batteries. The charger may be designed for Li-Ion or Li-Poly. Both batteries are charged in exactly the same. Some older cell phone chargers may charge the batteries . 1 volt to low (4.1 vs 4.2), but that will not harm the battery. However, inexpensive lithium chargers are widely available and the use of cellphone chargers is highly discouraged.
  1. Make certain that the correct cell count is set on your charger. Watch the charger closely for the first few minutes to ensure that the correct cell count continues to be displayed. If you don't know how to do that, get a charger that you do know how or don't charge the batteries.
  1. Use the Taps. Before you charge a new Lithium pack, check the voltage of each cell individually. Then do this after every tenth cycle there after. This is absolutely critical in that an unbalanced pack can explode while charging even if the correct cellcount is chosen. If the cells are not within 0.1 volts of each other then charge each cell individually to 4.2 volts so that they are all equal. If after every discharge the pack is unbalanced you have a faulty cell and that pack must be replaced. Taps are provided on most new lithium packs. Taps give you the ability to check individual cell voltages and charge one cell at a time.  Make sure and get the appropriate connector to go into your taps. Don't try to stick you volt meter probes in the taps to measure voltage. They could slip and short your cells. Don't try to charge more than one cell at a time from the taps. Unless you have an isolated ground charging system, you'll short your batteries out. Refer to your individual cell maker for tap pin-outs.
  1. Never charge the batteries unattended. This is the number one reason for houses and cars being burned to a crisp by lithium fires.
  1. Use a safe surface to charge your batteries on so that if they burst into flame no damage will occur. Vented fire safes, pyrex dishes with sand in the bottom, fireplaces, plant pots, are all good options.

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How does Sypom realize high safety on Jump Starter?

For any electronic product, battery is the key power for its operation. The power for jump starter is Lithium Polymer Battery. The battery safety mostly decide the safety of the whole device. Here is how sypom make its battery to realize high quality and reliability.

First, use pure lithium cobalt(LiCoO2) as battery anode material. Their continuous discharging ratio is more than 40C, which is much higher than the other brands in the market.

Second, balance Charging: the balance charge act as a bridge when the first cell charging voltage reaches 4.25v, which can transfer the rest of voltage into next cell, until all cells reach same voltage. This function can protect the battery from over charge and over discharge. This can greatly prolong the battery lifespan. Generally, the lifetime of our products are 3 times longer than the other brands.

Third, use original smart chip: it can adjust the level of current after a smart analysis to protect the digital equipment and battery itself.

Last key process, ultrasonic soldering is adopted in our battery cells which can lower battery pack internal resistance (IR) and performance, in which way lower the temperature after discharging and lower the risk of catching on fire.






A lithium jump starter is a device that can be able to help drivers in case they have a dead car battery. Car batteries can discharge in certain situations and starting the car becomes impossible without the right equipment.



There is a way to recharge the battery just enough to power the vehicle by creating a connection with the battery of another car. But, you may not always find a driver around who is willing to help you.

One of the alternatives is jump starting the car with a portable device made specifically for providing the needed boost of power to the dead battery, called a jump starter. In order to have the most benefits from the acquisition of such a device, you need to find the best lithium jump starter on the market.

A lithium jump starter can work in a similar way to the use of power cables (one of the more rudimentary alternatives for recharging a dead battery).

Lithium jump starters first appeared on the market in 2013

They use a lithium-ion battery or a high discharge lithium polymer. Compared to other types of devices, these ones are more lightweight, a characteristic that makes them highly portable and easy to use. Lithium jump starters are way better than regular car jump starters.

For example, traditional devices create dangerous sparks when you touch the clamps together even when they make little contact. Lithium jump starters don’t generate any sparks.

When you accidentally hook a regular device to a battery backwards, you can create a dangerous situation for yourself and the people nearby.

Lithium jump starters are the newest solutions for charging car batteries

They are highly portable in comparison to traditional devices, that are usually too heavy and too large to be carried well in a vehicle. Another advantage is that you don’t have to plug them into a power outlet every few months.

These new devices are portable enough to be stored anywhere in your car, because they are light and small.

They use lithium-ion high quality batteries and they can have USB ports for charging electronic gadgets. You could power:

  • Laptop
  • Air Compressors
  • Flashlights
  • Mobile Phones
  • and More…

You can even use this device for a lawn mower that doesn’t start, but also for a boat, a truck, or a motorcycle.

Their compact design and the portability are features of a lithium jump starter that make it ideal for any situation.


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