SYPOM 2200mAh 50C 3S 11.1V with Dean(T) Plug (2pcs)


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SYPOM is a well-known brand in the RC industry which used the leading technology in the industry which can enhance the life cycle of the battery pack as well as provide high output with low internal resistance.
Specifications of 50C 2200mah 3s:
- Brand:SYPOM
- Chemistry:Li-Polymer(LiPo)
- Configuration:3S1P
- Voltage(V):11.1V
- Capacity(mAh):2200mAh
- Discharge Rate: 50C
- Max Burst Discharge Rate:100C
- Length(dev.5mm) : 106mm
- Width(dev.2mm) : 34mm
- Height(dev.2mm) : 30mm
- Net Weight(dev.20g):176g
- Connector Type: Deans(T) Plug
SYPOM 50C 2200mAh 3s is special designed for HV Receiver, small scale of Helicopter and Airplane.
The SYPOM 2200mAh 50C 3S 11.1V with Dean(T) Plug (2pcs) is fairly robust but it can also be fairly fragile if mishandled.

Never store loose Batteries together, the Batteries’ terminals may contact one another causing a short circuit.

Inventory Last Updated: Sep 24, 2021