SYPOM Portable Power Station 300Wh(110V/220V)


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Capacity:300Wh (12.8,18.75Ah)

Wattage: 300 watt_hours
Item Dimensions: LxWxH 8.98 x 7.72 x 3.78 inches
Item Weight: 2700 Grams
Color: Power Station 300Wh(110V/220V) Black
Voltage: 110 Volts

Charge time vary on CPAP brand, setting of pressure, humidifier/heated hose on or off, fix pressure or flexible pressure.Strongly recommend that CPAP users use DC to DC converter to work with this unit and turn off or remove the heater/ humidifier, it should last longer.

Compact & Sturdy:The black case is metal and the orange ends are plastic, more durable than other solar generators. With an easy-carry handle, SYPOM-CN001 power station is just 3.6lbs,so you can effortlessly carry it for outdoor camping, power outages. The battery pack can be recharged from the sun with a solar panel (NOT INCLUDED)

Completely safe:2 pure sine wave AC outlets ensure a safer charge for your sensitive devices, better than modified sine wave and clean power like utility supplied electricity. Battery Management System (BMS) enables voltage control, temperature control and built-in multiple safe-charging design provides short circuit protection, over current protection, over power protection, low voltage protection and over temperature protection.

Smart & Clear Display:SYPOM-CN001 backup battery is considerately designed with an intelligent LCD display, which can accurately identify the output voltage of the charged device and automatically calculate the available duration. We do not need to calculate complex power formulas to easily get the remaining power and usage time.Ultra-helpful for more reasonably managing your device charging

UPGRADED AC & DC/ USB:SYPOM-CN001 solar generator has upgraded the AC output to 300W , 600W max and 2 USB ports ,2 DC port (10A / 112V). Perfect back-up power station for home/ travel/ camping, charging up your iPhone, fans, TV, car vacuum,mini air conditioner and CPAP machine (*Use DC-DC converter from your CPAP would last 3 nights)

The SYPOM Portable Power Station 300Wh(110V/220V) is fairly robust but it can also be fairly fragile if mishandled.

Heat kills Lipos, the hotter a batteries get, the shorter the lifespan will be. Never charge a battery that is still warm after usage, and never use a battery that is still warm from charging.

Inventory Last Updated: Oct 16, 2021