Why Choose SYPOM?

SYPOM has 10 year experience of Lithium Polymer Battery production. we produce battery and do a whole set of safety testing before assembling, rather than just buy cells for assembling. All the Lithium cells use fully automatic lamination/stacking machine to keep high consistency of the every single cells.
  • Original smart chip: Smart analysis for protecting the digital equipment and battery itself.
  • Ultrasonic soldering to lower battery pack internal resistance (IR) and performance, in which way lower the temperature after discharging and lower the risk of catching on fire
  • Temperature Test: All lithium cell used in our jumps tarter has to pass 65 (one-week) and 80( 4 hours) high temperature tolerance testing.
  • Balance Charging: SYPOM has Patent for balance charging tech for Jump Starter.
  • All SYPOM Product(including some OEM brands) has covered by Allianz Product Quality Reliability Insurance