A lithium jump starter is a device that can be able to help drivers in case they have a dead car battery. Car batteries can discharge in certain situations and starting the car becomes impossible without the right equipment.



There is a way to recharge the battery just enough to power the vehicle by creating a connection with the battery of another car. But, you may not always find a driver around who is willing to help you.

One of the alternatives is jump starting the car with a portable device made specifically for providing the needed boost of power to the dead battery, called a jump starter. In order to have the most benefits from the acquisition of such a device, you need to find the best lithium jump starter on the market.

A lithium jump starter can work in a similar way to the use of power cables (one of the more rudimentary alternatives for recharging a dead battery).

Lithium jump starters first appeared on the market in 2013

They use a lithium-ion battery or a high discharge lithium polymer. Compared to other types of devices, these ones are more lightweight, a characteristic that makes them highly portable and easy to use. Lithium jump starters are way better than regular car jump starters.

For example, traditional devices create dangerous sparks when you touch the clamps together even when they make little contact. Lithium jump starters don’t generate any sparks.

When you accidentally hook a regular device to a battery backwards, you can create a dangerous situation for yourself and the people nearby.

Lithium jump starters are the newest solutions for charging car batteries


They are highly portable in comparison to traditional devices, that are usually too heavy and too large to be carried well in a vehicle. Another advantage is that you don’t have to plug them into a power outlet every few months.


These new devices are portable enough to be stored anywhere in your car, because they are light and small.

They use lithium-ion high quality batteries and they can have USB ports for charging electronic gadgets. You could power:

  • Laptop
  • Air Compressors
  • Flashlights
  • Mobile Phones
  • and More…

You can even use this device for a lawn mower that doesn’t start, but also for a boat, a truck, or a motorcycle.

Their compact design and the portability are features of a lithium jump starter that make it ideal for any situation.


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